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6 Sep

Luxe Dining: 15 Ideas for Dining Rooms from the Best Interior Designers

The dining area is one of the most crucial areas of your home. It is where you will gather with your family members or friends for a little catch-up session or to share a meal together. Interiors have taken centre stage, and many people even like to experiment with dining room decor. In this article, we will share 15 ideas from the best interior designers that may help you create elegant and sophisticated dining rooms.

  1. Choose the Right Elements 

Today’s interior is all about balancing out different elements and decorating the space in a simple yet sophisticated way. For instance, chandeliers can be too heavy for dining rooms, and you might even need functional furniture to make full use of the space. You should keep these factors in mind and choose the right elements for your dining room. Consider getting in touch with the best interior designers to understand how to strike the right balance and design a dining room that fits your aesthetics.

  1. The Right Colours  

The dining room is the area where you will share the space with your family and close friends to catch up and have your food together. You will not want the colours to be too loud, which takes away the entire attention. Make sure you choose colours that lower the visual tension, allowing you to have a relaxing time at the dinner table. Make sure the colours and elements go well together and do not create clutter for the eyes.

Aesthetic Dining room

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  1. Lighting Sets the mood. 

Another critical aspect that you must pay attention to is the lighting in the dining room. Lighting can help create ambience and set the stage for a great family dinner. Whether you choose chandeliers, statement lights, or artificial lighting pieces, make sure you choose every element very carefully. You should even look for ways to let the natural light in and ensure that the dining area has a sufficient amount of lighting. Add a little glitz with mirrors to enhance the lighting and make the space more elegant.

  1. The Heart of Dining Room: The Table 

The key element of the dining room is the table itself, and you cannot miss out on it. Make sure to look for a well-crafted table that can be the ideal centrepiece of the room. Tables are available in multiple shapes and structures. You can even stick to the traditional rectangular or square table. Or you may even look for a circular table and go for luxurious dining chairs to uplift the look of your dining room.

  1. Pay Attention to Details 

Be it a dining room or any other space of your house, you should always pay attention to details. Dining rooms need not have unnecessary furniture or accessory elements. You can keep it simple and sophisticated to maintain a neat look. 

  1. Pastel Perfection 

Neutrals have been done and dusted, whereas colours can be too loud for some people in the dining area. What you can do is experiment with pastels to create a unique look and make your guests stop by for a while. You can also choose to go for pastel-coloured decor to keep it minimal and sleek.

beautiful dining room

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  1. The Sunshine State 

The dining room is not just for your dinner plans; what if you are inviting your guests for lunch? You may plan your dining room in an area where you have good natural light. You can even place mirrors to enhance the view and indulge in a sunny state of mind. In the evening, you could place curtains over the window to match the aesthetics of your room.

  1. Dining Room with a View 

A dining room with a view can be an excellent way to add some luxe and elegant appeal to your eating area. You can either decorate your landscape or have a theme and decorate it accordingly. You can even follow the theme of the theatre room or add a screen to replicate the themes and live wallpapers to create that vibe in your dining area.

  1. Cosy Corner

Not everyone may have dedicated space for the dining room. How about creating a cosy corner that you can use for small dinner sessions? You can divide the space in the living room and use a separator or any other way to create a difference. When you are planning to divide the space, you can get assistance from the best interior designers. They will not only guide you but also help curate a space that is functional as well as appealing. Whether you have space constraints or do not want to dedicate the entire space to dining, you can discuss your requirements and turn them into reality with the help of the experts.

  1. Setting a Scene

You may have particular designs for your master bedroom or child’s bedroom. Why not set a scene for your dining room? You can plan a coastal theme, a bohemian theme, or a movie-inspired theme for your dining area. Whatever theme you decide, keep in mind that it will stay for a longer time and that your guests may visit your dining area. Do not choose a theme that is short-term or may get dated over time. Talk about your preferences with your interior designer and see what can be done.

dining table with chairs

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  1. Impressive Centrepieces 

Centrepieces can add to the overall visual appeal of your dining room. It serves as a decor piece, but you should choose a centrepiece that syncs with the overall aesthetics of your dining room. We cannot deny that centrepieces are the artistic heart of the dining area. Make sure you choose a centrepiece in any of the accent colours. There are multiple centrepieces available on the market, from small to large, with a variety of elements. Avoid buying a bigger centrepiece. Though it may be catchy and attractive, it might get difficult to handle every day. You may even face difficulties while cleaning and it might get difficult to maintain over time. It is one of the reasons why you must choose the right-sized centrepieces. You may even skip having a centrepiece if the area is small or you have already added other elements.

  1. Wallpaper Patterns

Wallpaper patterns are another way to amp up the look of your dining room without spending too much. The best thing is that you can even get customised wallpapers according to your preferences or change them whenever required. Wallpapers are available in multiple designs, prints, and intriguing textures and can bring warmth and style to your dining area. Make sure to choose one that is not very overpowering, according to the dining area.

  1. Lively Wall Art

Wallpapers can take up the entire space. If you do not want that and want to keep it centred on a particular point, you may consider investing in lively wall art. It will work on the same principles and add style to your dining room. Make sure you select it carefully to enhance the appeal of your modern interior design.

interior art design
  1. Fresh Greens and Corners

Another excellent way to amp up your dining rooms could be by investing in fresh greens and planters. There are a variety of indoor planters available. Invest in a few that you think will match your dining room’s overall aesthetics.

  1. Add Stylish Rugs 

If you want to keep it minimal yet stylish, you may consider investing in stylish rugs or carpets. The best part is that the rugs will not be too distracting but will also enhance the appeal of your dining area. You may discuss your preferences with the best home interior designer, and they may help you pick the right elements for your dining area interior decor.

These are some of the elements that you can use to elevate your dining space. Make sure to look for the best interior designers in India to discuss your requirements and preferences before making the final decisions
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20 Jul

How to Design a Kid-Friendly Home: 15 Best Home Interior Ideas

While there are a lot of joys involved with parenthood, it is not surprising to feel overwhelmed by the dozens of responsibilities and challenges associated with parenting. Whether you are becoming a parent for the first time or already have kids at home, you cannot neglect the importance of having kid-friendly interiors at home. Here we will dissect what safety aspects you must keep in mind while planning interior home design to make your home kid-friendly.

Living room design
  1. Safely Snuggle in with Comfy Furniture

If you have toddlers or kids between the ages of five and seven, you should be highly careful about the choice of your furniture. Young ones tend to spend a lot of time sitting, playing, and lounging around here and there. It is imperative that you choose furniture that is safe as well as comfortable. Choose furniture items that have rounded edges to ensure they do not hurt themselves while snuggling around. Besides, you should also choose furniture pieces that are ideal for the young ones and easy for them to use.

  1. Be Practical with Your Purchases 

Well, it is not just the furniture; you should be careful about the big purchases in your home. You may want a swing or a couch, but it may not be ideal if you have a toddler at home. You may also have to reconsider the size of the television or refrigerator. In short, all the choices should be made practically after considering the age of your child. You cannot accompany your kid every moment. Therefore, avoid purchases or bigger items that could harm your little one.

kitchen interior design

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  1. A Carefully Planned Kitchen 

Well, you may want to take your kitchen around in the kitchen. If you are planning to do so, you need to be extremely careful and plan a well-designed kitchen. The first and most important step is to ensure there are drawers and that sharp objects or utensils are not lying on the floors. Drain the sink after usage and ensure constant supervision over your young one.

  1. Consider Anti-Stomping Flooring 

Children can be highly energetic with their running, jumping, and playing on the floor, which can cause wear and tear. When planning your interior home design, it makes sense to pay special attention to the flooring. Look for flooring materials that are durable and have water-resistant properties. If it gets slippery, it could cause injury and harm your little one. This is why it is essential to look for flooring with water-resistant properties.

  1. Be Specific with Tile Choices 

You will be flooded with a variety of choices available on the market. Be it porcelain, ceramic, wood, bamboo, cork, or any other, you should keep durability and usage in mind. If the tiles are not of good quality, they may be susceptible to mishaps or make it difficult to work. Consider discussing the choices with the best interior designers to make an informed decision, choose the best tiles for your home, and make it a kid-friendly home.

Kid play area
  1. Create Boundaries 

Toddlers may crawl or move around in different corners of the home. While you cannot hide things or take precautions in every corner, you can create boundaries for your little one that cannot be easily escaped. Safety should be one of your biggest concerns, and you should take steps to protect the little one from potentially dangerous places such as staircases or fireplaces. You may also use baby gates to create separate and safe spaces for the children to play in. Try to supervise the children when they are playing to ensure they do not hurt themselves. You may even consider using surveillance or technological apps to enhance the level of protection and improve the safety aspect for the little ones.

  1. An Inclusive Space 

Another tip that we often give to parents is to design an inclusive space. Keep the little ones in mind when designing your home. For instance, if you already have a dedicated play area in the house, there are chances that the little explorer will stay confined to that place and not enter potentially hazardous places. Keep this aspect in mind for your home’s interior design to prevent the risk of mishaps and provide a safe and sound environment for the little ones.

  1. Choose Vibrant Shades

Want to make the space exciting and fun for the kids? Go for vibrant shades of colour or you may also opt for furniture in vibrant tones to add a level of excitement and make it fun for the little explorers in the house. 

  1. Stackable Furniture 

It is a given fact that kids are full of energy and require more space to play or run around. While you cannot stop them, you can be creative with your approach to ensure they do not face space constraints. You may look for movable or easily stackable furniture pieces to ensure you can turn the space into a kid-friendly zone and give them space to play or move around freely.

kids bedroom

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  1. Invest in Rugs and carpeting.   

Kid-friendly interiors are all about cushioning the space or softening the hard edges to reduce the risk of mishaps. You can considerably invest in rugs or carpets to secure the place and amp up your modern interior designs. Look for designer or colourful rugs to improve the likability of the kids.

  1. Rethink Wiring 

With kids, you cannot take the risk of keeping the wires and cables open. You either need to encase them, hide them, or opt for modern designs of wireless or underground wiring. These aspects will help protect the children and prevent the risk of shocks. Discuss the plan and your requirements with the best interior designers to implement it correctly.

  1. Window Latches or locks 

Windows are another point of contact that could be troubling for the children or may lead to risks. You need to ensure that the windows are equipped with a proper locking system so that the kids cannot break the system or harm themselves trying to move out of the window. 

  1. Avoid Glass Doors 

Another key aspect that you must keep in mind when designing a kid-friendly space is to avoid having glass doors or elements. Glass can be dangerous and may harm the little ones. It may not be safe even if they are just playing around or sitting in that area. Try to avoid glass materials as much as you can, or try to keep glass elements out of the reach of children.

  1. Let the Sunshine In 

Make sure that the home is well-designed and that there are spaces to let the natural sunlight in. Use windows or reflective elements to ensure that there is appropriate sunlight inside the home. Avoid using heavy drapes or dark-coloured curtains, as they could block the presence of natural lighting. Sunlight will not only create a comfy and inviting kid-friendly environment but also boost the productivity and mood levels of the young ones.

bright bedroom design
  1. Clutter-Free Home 

While you can discuss your requirements with the best home interior designer and get the dream home of your choice. However, there is one thing that you need to be considerate of when designing your home. You cannot keep your space dirty or let the toys remain outside on the floor. When you have kids, you have to be extra cautious about having a clutter-free home. Avoid having too much furniture or other items in your home. Consider having organisers to ensure you can keep the stuff inside in a safe place.

Kids are indeed energetic but can be moody as well. All you can do is follow certain tips or sets of instructions to improve the safety of your home and make the space a little more kid-friendly. Use protectors, locks, and baby gates to restrict them from entering potentially dangerous spaces at home.

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