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Aluminium kitchen cabinet vs wood difference

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet vs Wood: 12 Differences to Note

Whether you are remodelling or planning to install kitchen cabinets for your new home, the choice between the materials can be a real head-scratcher task. We bet wood is one of the first preferences that may come to your mind, but wait until you find the benefits of aluminium too. If you want the best modular kitchen interiors, you cannot miss out on each factor that could make your space functional and appealing. Here we will outline twelve key differences between aluminium kitchen cabinet vs wood that will aid you in making an informed decision.


  • Appearance (Colour & Design) 

With the changing preferences and innovations, many of us are looking for choices beyond the usual. When it comes to wood, you may get a limited choice and natural wood colour with traditional and rustic looks. You may only get a handful of choices if you go for plywood or engineered wood. Compared to this, aluminium turns out to be a great choice as you can find a variety of colour choices. Get a kitchen of your choice with unlimited colour options of aluminium material. 

Elegant black colored aluminium kitchen cabinet

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  • Durability 

Well, appearance is not a major concern for many but durability is. Coming to the comparison between aluminium kitchen cabinet vs. wood, the latter does not last long. Aluminium has the lowest rate of corrosion and does not decline naturally. It even can withstand extreme weather conditions which makes it perfect for usage in hot and humid countries as well. The lifespan is one of the critical factors why you must consider this over wood cabinets. 


  • Easy to Clean 

Aluminium materials for kitchen cabinets are gaining huge popularity because they are comparatively easier to clean than wood cabinets. You can easily wipe off the dirt with the help of a wet wipe as well. On the other hand, wood is not just difficult to clean but may also raise the risk of bacteria. 


  • Noise

The kitchen is one of the areas where you cannot compromise and noise can be a great deciding factor. You should note that it may be easier to work on wooden surfaces and will be less noisy compared to the others. Aluminium cabinets may get a bit noisy but they have other properties that may outweigh this factor. 


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  • Fully Waterproof

Spills and moisture content are prevalent in the kitchen and you need to ensure that you do not consider them lightly. Compared to wood and aluminium, the latter is non-porous and completely waterproof. It tends to withstand critical temperature conditions without getting affected. Whether it is a monsoon or water leakage, you may not have to worry about the chaotic conditions in the kitchen. You can simply clean up and get rid of all these issues. 


  • Fire Safety 

Design, colour aesthetics and everything else can be altered, but you cannot compromise on safety; it always comes first. The chances of fire hazards in the kitchen are high. This is why the best interior designers are choosing aluminium cabinets over others. This is because the metal is fire-resistant and does not allow the fire to spread easily. Wooden cabinets may not be an ideal option, as they can increase the risk of fire. So you must always take this decision carefully and choose the right material for your kitchen.

Aesthetic kitchen interior with orange light

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  • Odourless and Hygienic

As mentioned above, you cannot compromise on safety in the kitchen. If you are cooking in a toxic environment, it may hurt your health. Owing to that, aluminium material is odourless, non-toxic and brings a range of health benefits too. On the other hand, chemicals are used for the binding of engineered wood. This can generate chemicals or emit toxic elements, which could impact your cooking experience. It is one of the main reasons why you must choose aluminium over wood cabinets. 


  • Pest Resistant 

When it comes to the kitchen, you need to take extra measures to protect against termites and pests. While there are alternatives, and engineered wood even uses chemicals to protect against termites, there is no guarantee you will have full protection. Some of these even have issues with low binding and durability. However, aluminium is a material that offers complete protection against pests and termites, which makes it the most preferred material choice. The wide variety of colour and design options will allow you to design your kitchen in the best way possible. 


  • Goes well with every room size

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a large-sized 3 BHK, aluminium is one of the materials that goes well with every room size. Besides, it is easier to clean, which makes it ideal even for smaller kitchens. If you are planning an open kitchen to save or embrace space, you may even go with aluminium material. It will not only add to the aesthetic value but also enhance the durability of your kitchen materials. 


  • Environment-Friendly 

When it comes to aluminium vs. wood cabinets, it is way more than aesthetics and colour options. While the charm of wood is undeniable, there are multiple reasons why aluminium beats wooden materials. Being an eco-conscious contender, it takes away all the spotlight. Embracing aluminium cabinets is not just a style choice; it is a matter of safety and a sleek way to contribute towards sustainability. Wood involves extensive processing and the depletion of trees. On the other hand, aluminium turns out to be the standout choice, which even aligns with the principles of a greener lifestyle. Make better choices for yourself and your safety and also abide by your commitment to a healthier planet by going for aluminium cabinets.

White interior kitchen design

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  • Resale Value

Do we need to answer this question? Well, aluminium is a clear winner here due to its excellent properties. Aluminium is a material that has the lowest rate of corrosion in nature. Not only that, it also stands atop various aspects such as pest resistance, fire resistance, hygiene, ease of cleaning and water resistance. Cooking in an unhealthy and toxic environment may deteriorate your health. However, aluminium is a material that provides a clean and healthy environment. With such excellent properties, it even has a higher resale value. This way, you can ask for higher rents or seek a better value when selling.


  • Better than traditional kitchens 

All these benefits are a clear indication of how choosing aluminium cabinets can prove to be better than traditional kitchens. The concern may now be availability. You may have to struggle hard to find skilled workers who can deal with aluminium material in small towns. Make sure to scout for the best home interior designer and avoid compromising on quality. You should search using location and region-specific keywords to find the best-skilled designers in your area. Shortlist and take your time reviewing the work of the designers. 


These are some of the noteworthy differences between aluminium kitchen cabinet vs wood ones. Do not go with the old patterns and look for new alternatives. Aluminium is one of the most preferred materials among customers of Atlas Interiors. If you have any doubts, you can always reach out to the experts to gain clarity. Make notes of all the doubts or get an inspection of your location. Based on the inspection, the experts will provide you with a better understanding of what steps and measures you should take to improve the quality of your kitchen interiors. 


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