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Best Kitchen Flooring

The Best Kitchen Flooring Options: Latest Trends to Note

No doubt, the kitchen is the heart of every home. It is not just a place where culinary magic happens, but a place where every meal becomes a masterpiece. Whether you cook often or daily, your kitchen deserves flooring that not only stands up to the daily requirements of life but also reflects your unique taste. From timeless classics to new-age aesthetics, there are multiple designs to choose from. However, home interior designers often suggest being extra cautious with kitchen flooring. This is because you need to choose durable and resilient tiles. Kitchen floor tiles should be spill-proof, stain proof and easier to clean. In this article, we will guide you through the latest trends in kitchen floor tiles. Let us take you through some of the best kitchen flooring options you can choose from.

1. Choose the Traditional Terracotta

Terracotta tiles offer a wide range of benefits, which makes them a perfect choice for your kitchen areas. They are perfect for creating a rustic and inviting ambience in any space. Traditional terracotta tiles are not only durable but can withstand huge pressure. These tiles also have natural cooling properties and come in various shapes and sizes. Made from natural clay, these tiles are even eco-friendly. You can even customise these tiles with a glossy or matte finish. You can even keep them unglazed for a more natural appearance.

Terracotta Tiles Kitchen Flooring

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2. Concrete-Effect Porcelain Tiles

If you are looking for tiles that combine the benefits of both concrete and porcelain, this may be the one. Well, if you are unaware, let us tell you that porcelain tiles offer exceptional durability. The concrete effect adds a contemporary touch, making them a perfect choice for your kitchen areas. These tiles can withstand huge pressure and are also resistant to scratches and stains. The longer lifespan of these tiles makes them one of the most preferred choices. Some manufacturers even produce such tiles with recycled materials, making them the right choice for the environment as well. Speak to the modular kitchen interior designers for a better understanding and guidance on using the right kind of tiles.

3. Real or Engineered Wood

Real or engineered wood is another flooring option that tops the user’s preferences. If you want a minimalist or Scandi-style kitchen, this will be the perfect choice. The best part is that wood tiles can be laid out in a huge array of patterns. Whether you want a simple look or a fun look, it can be done. It is a classic choice and comes in a wide variety of finishes and styles. You can integrate wooden tiles into different kitchen themes and styles to create a cosy and inviting space. Wood can even be used in open kitchen designs to create a zoning area. You can even go for reclaimed wood and create a charming aesthetic while being environmentally conscious. Wood is indeed versatile and you can discuss it with our experts at Atlas Interiors to discuss the possibilities.


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4. Parquet Kitchen Flooring

Parquet (pronounced as ‘parkay’) is yet another option that can be used for kitchen flooring. The short wooden battens are slotted together in a geometric mosaic. Earlier, these tiles were introduced to replace stones and marble. They have now made their way into the world of flooring options. Their durability is one of the reasons why most people prefer using them. Parquet tiles can last for years. Not only that, they can even add a sophisticated and stylish touch to your kitchen area. You can even ask home interior designers to choose parquet tiles made from sustainable or reclaimed wood. While it may be difficult to install, it is easier to maintain. It is even a valuable investment and can enhance the resale value of your home.

5. Dark Timber Flooring

If you want a luxurious yet sophisticated kitchen, then dark timber flooring can be a good choice. You can create a striking effect by choosing dark timber flooring and lighter elements for cabinetry and countertops. These tiles are available in a range of styles and finishes. You can seek the help of the best interior designers to understand what may fit with your design aesthetics and interior style. The best thing is that the dark-coloured tiles are easier to maintain than the lighter alternatives. You can do regular sweeping or vacuuming and it’s good to go.

6. Checkered Flooring

If you have a small kitchen or restricted space, here is a hack to create the illusion of more space. You can opt for checkered tiles and combine both the aesthetic and practical benefits of these tiles. The geometric pattern will enhance the visual interest and add dynamism to your kitchen areas. They are versatile and you can choose from a range of custom designs to set the vibe of your kitchen. You can go for traditional patterns or go with trendy colours to create an aesthetic appeal. Make sure to coordinate the tiles well with the other elements, such as cabinets and countertops. You must consider hiring an interior designer in India. They will help you understand how you can create that visual interest in the kitchen area.

7. Go Natural with Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a natural stone that can help elevate your kitchen space. It is made from minerals that naturally settle on the earth’s surface. Durability and long-lasting are some of the main features but limestone also has natural cooling properties. It remains cool to the touch, which is why it can be a great material for kitchen flooring. Speak to the best interior designers and create a distinctive appeal by choosing these tiles. You can choose from multiple finish styles including polished, tumbled, and honed.

8. Practical with Pine Flooring

Pine is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring options. The natural warmth of pine material can help create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen area. It is not just a budget-friendly option but also an eco-friendly one. Pine grows relatively faster than hardwoods. While pine is softer, it can be durable and long-lasting. The users will have to pay attention to regular maintenance to ensure that it lasts long. It is well-suited for kitchens that want a cottage or farmhouse aesthetic look.

Pine Flooring Kitchen Designs

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9. Herringbone Pattern

The herringbone pattern is another trendy option that can be used for kitchen flooring. The patterns can help add a dynamic element to the floor and make the space more visually engaging. These patterns are versatile, allowing them to complement different colour schemes and interior design trends. Modular kitchen interior designers even use these patterns to create an illusion of space. The herringbone patterns even naturally direct the eye and enhance the appeal of the kitchen area. Maximise the kitchen area and create a sophisticated, textured look with the help of these tiles. You can even experiment and go for different patterns to create an elevated look.

These are some of the best kitchen flooring options that you can choose from. Even if you do not have any vision in mind, make sure to ask the designers about the latest trends. Talk to the experts at Atlas Interiors. Always ask the designers to share the latest work and take suggestions on what will work the best according to the space layout and climatic conditions in your area. Keep usage, temperature, and other conditions in mind while choosing the kitchen flooring tile and make the right decision.

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