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Aluminium vs Plywood Kitchen Cabinets: The Better Choice

Over the years, modular kitchens have evolved in a very significant way. A kitchen is not just an ordinary place to cook your favourite meals anymore. It is more like the heart of your home, built aesthetically to provide maximum efficacy. This is precisely why the best interior designers can provide the right solutions to build your modular kitchen how you want it to be.  Aluminium fabricated kitchen cabinets vs wooden kitchen cabinets! And who will emerge as the winner? This article will give you the proper insights into this ongoing war. Let us delve more into the topic.

Modular kitchen interior designers will often give you two main material options for building your kitchen cabinets and countertops. One is aluminium, and the other is plywood. Your choice of material is crucial to defining your kitchen’s longevity and overall quality.

Significant differences between aluminium and wooden kitchen cabinets

Aluminium is a lightweight yet durable material that provides several benefits:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: It is highly effective in building glossy, robust, stylish and appealing kitchen cabinets that complement advanced modular kitchen designs.
  1. Minimum Maintenance: Aluminium kitchen cabinets and countertops are easy to clean, and you do not need to worry about frequent maintenance. 
  1. Durability: It is common these days for the best home interior designers to use aluminium for kitchen cabinets, mainly for its durability. This is because the material does not rust, is very corrosion-resistant and can withstand the toughest weather conditions. Furthermore, they also come with chemical and fire resistance properties. These factors will ensure a long life span for your modular kitchen cabinets.
  1. Waterproof: The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the main spaces inside your house where moisture content prevails most of the time. This is one major reason why kitchens constructed with wood-based materials get easily hampered due to dampness. Getting aluminium-based kitchen cabinets is highly recommended for their non-porous nature and waterproof quality.
  1. Nature-friendly: Aluminium is recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice for constructing your kitchen cabinets.
  1. Fire Safety: Even with proper care and attention, there are times when we cannot rest assured of any mishaps. Especially the kitchen is a place with inflammable items such as cooking gas, oil, alcohol and electric kitchen appliances. So, safety must be your top priority at all times, with assured fire safety practices in place. In this context, aluminium-fabricated kitchen cabinets prove to be the best fire-proof safety option compared to inflammable plywood kitchen cabinets.
Aluminium Fabricated Kitchen Cabinets

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  1. Fits With Any Room Size: One of the best advantages of getting aluminium kitchen cabinets is that you can easily customise the shapes to fit into the room, irrespective of the size. Be it a small modular kitchen or a largely spaced one, you can conveniently place the aluminium-based cabinets and countertops per your requirements.
  1. Looks and Finish: Another major aspect that the best home interior designers can guarantee you about aluminium kitchen cabinets is their looks and finish. Nothing can match the finish when you use lacquered glass or black-painted glass combined with aluminium profiles for your modular kitchen cabinets. Each time you wipe it clean, a fresh new look is assured.
  1. Plenty of Colour Options: There are only limited colour options for plywood-based kitchen cabinets and countertops. Moreover, you can only select from a short range of pre-designed laminates. On the other hand, the colour options are plenty when it comes to aluminium-based kitchen cabinets. You can go for any desired colour that suits your taste and matches the colour of your kitchen walls. You can boast a vibrant colour display for your kitchen interiors, as there are plenty of attractive colour options to choose from.

Aluminium kitchen cabinets offer a robust build quality and are far more durable than wooden ones. Compared to plywood, aluminium cabinets look trendier and provide a cold touch feel. Another significant advantage is that you can see them coming in a vast range of styles that can provide a much more modern-esque look to your kitchen. In terms of maintenance, aluminium kitchen cabinets require minimal maintenance compared to their  plywood counterparts. Your kitchen is one of the busiest places inside your home that is prone to dirt and can quickly attract stains.  However, you can easily wipe clean your aluminium kitchen cabinets and countertops using a little water to make them shiny. Keep in mind that you may have to get occasional repair work done as there are chances for minor dents.

As aluminium kitchen cabinets are lightweight, it is easy for modular kitchen interior designers to install and use them for their DIY projects. Due to its durability, you don’t have to replace your aluminium kitchen cabinets as often compared to cabinets built using other materials.

Regarding personal hygiene, aluminium kitchen cabinets are a good choice, as they are odourless and non-toxic.  Cost-wise, getting aluminium cabinets for building your modular kitchen can be expensive. However, the best interior designers will suggest cost-effective design ideas and help you get top-quality aluminium products to install trendy cabinets in your kitchen without hampering your budget.       

Best Kitchen Interior Designs

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Advantages of using plywood to build your kitchen cabinets

As you can see around, plywood is also one of the top-most preferred materials for building kitchen cabinets due to the benefits mentioned here:

  1. Cost-effective: Compared to aluminium, you can see that using plywood is more budget-friendly to build kitchen cabinets. You can also replace your plywood kitchen cabinets or get quick repair work done, as they are less expensive.
  2. Sturdiness: Plywood is renowned for its strength and capability to withstand heavy loads.
  3. Easily Customizable: Most modular kitchen interior designers will often use plywood to build kitchen cabinets as they can be easily customised per your specific kitchen requirements.
  4. Style: If you prefer a classic style, then plywood kitchen cabinets will be a good option compared to the sleek and trendy look that aluminium-based cabinets offer. Wooden kitchen cabinets give you a cheerful, organic vibe that goes well with your kitchen’s atmosphere. They are also less noisy when compared to aluminium kitchen cabinets.
  5. Maintenance: Plywood kitchen cabinets can be a bothersome deal when it comes to the maintenance aspect. It is because the material is not water-proof and thus there are chances of it easily getting worn off, especially in heavy moisture-prone conditions.

Be it for a small kitchen or a larger one, getting an expert team of interior designers to set up a stylish and advanced modular kitchen is a great idea. They will help you identify and focus on your priorities, and suggest necessary changes for the perfect design plan. Most importantly, they will get everything cost-effectively done for you and assure optimal positive results. This is where you can see the professional expertise of Atlas Interiors.  They will offer you the best practical solutions and are highly committed to customer service.

As we have already discussed, you should go for aluminium-based kitchen cabinets for the various advantages that outweigh their wooden counterparts. Atlas Interiors will help you build your desired modular kitchen as per your specific requirements and budget.


The core factor of modular kitchens is indeed cabinetry. In terms of both function and form, kitchen cabinets play a pivotal role in swiftly handling your routine kitchen chores. They provide you with the required ease and agility to enjoy a well-spent time inside your modular kitchen. This is why you need to collaborate with the best interior designers who can create the perfect kitchen to carry out all your important culinary activities with a breeze. Kitchen cabinets and countertops must never be clumsy or difficult to handle. In turn, they should provide you with maximum efficacy while you prepare your favourite meals. To make the most of your kitchen cabinets, it would be ideal for you to choose aluminium cabinets over plywood kitchen cabinets.

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