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17 Aug

Office Interior Colour Psychology: How to Choose the Right Palette for Productivity

Colours can have a significant impact on our daily lives—far more than we realise. Studies have revealed that the proper use of colours and playing around with colour psychology can help improve employees’ productivity and lead to enhanced job satisfaction. It can even be positively linked to how clients, visitors, customers, or any other stakeholder may perceive your business. Let’s understand colour psychology further and find out how you should choose the right colour palette for your office interior design.

What is colour psychology?

As per psychology, colour influences perceptions that are not obvious, like the taste of food. Colours have the tendency to impact different people in different ways and can even induce emotions in people. Gender, culture, age, lighting, and work environment are some of the factors that could further affect the way we feel and perceive things. There is a need to understand that each colour has a specific meaning, and every colour has a tendency to influence a person automatically. The effect and symbolism of each colour may also depend on the context. Colour psychology in office interiors can be highly powerful, as studies have shown that colours can also help boost the metabolism rate and increase the blood pressure of an individual.

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A study published suggests that Glasgow, Scotland, introduced blue street lighting to improve the city’s landscape and reduce crime rates in the country. Japan’s police also incorporated blue streetlights to reduce crime rates in the country. Furthermore, a study by Andrew J. Elliot and Zheng Aarts suggests how the colour red influences action. It is said that it enhances force and velocity, which is one of the reasons why it is used in action-oriented areas. These are some of the reasons why food brands also focus heavily on such colours to induce action and impact our lives.

6 Best Colours for Office and Productivity

Workplace design trends are continually changing. While employers are focusing heavily on ergonomic furniture and aiming to create a healthier work environment, they are also focusing on colours to create a welcoming work environment. Colour psychology is indeed powerful, but interior design or colour palette selection should also be done considering the type of industry and age group of the employees. Let’s talk about the colours that can help stimulate the mind. Check out our guide on the selection of the correct colour palette in the office interior to create the right ambience with the right hues and reap the benefits of keeping the employees productive.

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  1. Light Blue colour
office interior

Light blue is a universal favourite in multiple industries and is considered a soothing shade that can help create a calm environment. The lighter shade of blue will not only help you concentrate but also soothe your mind and help you stay more focused. This will allow you to be more intellectual and encourage clear thoughts, which will make it more friendly and more accessible. You can pair blue with neutral shades or even add accent shades like orange to enhance the appeal of the interiors and make them more balanced. You may search online on Pinterest as well to find the trending shades or combinations of shades. Choose the best office interior design trends according to your industry and specifications.

  1. Green Colour

Another colour that is highly preferred and used by industry professionals is green. It is a serene colour that is well associated with relaxation, reliability, calmness, and peacefulness. The colour green is even linked to greenery and nature. You must have seen how it is becoming a trend to incorporate green elements and indoor planters to create a better working environment for employees. The green colour will not cause eye fatigue and will help boost creativity. Give your mind and body a dose of relaxation and comfort by incorporating green elements into your office interior. You may use a mix of green and white, green and yellow, or incorporate green with white and grey or any other colour shade. Green may work well for individual desks, lounges, and employee relaxation areas.

  1. Yellow Colour

Yellow is a warm and optimistic colour. It is reminiscent of the sun and can be used well to boost productivity as well as the creativity of the employees. Make sure you opt for a lower-intensity or a buttery yellow colour so that it is not overpowering. Too much yellow can cause strain on the eyes or even lead to anxiety. You may skip painting the entire area yellow. Rather, you should consider adding yellow only to the spaces where you want to boost creativity and encourage co-creation. Splash the walls with a pop of yellow or add highlights in the form of a desk or wall accessories.

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  1. Red Colour

Red is another colour that is preferred by corporations and organisations to boost productivity among their employees. Studies have shown that the colour red is linked with action, helps increase the heart rate, and also helps boost blood flow. If your industry professionals are required to do a lot of physical activity or you want them to be mentally alert, you could choose red as a colour in your modern interior design. There is a need to understand that red is an overpowering shade, which can even lead to aggression and induce feelings of competition between team members. The energising colour should be used in a very limited manner to ensure it does not cause any harm to the eyes or the working environment. Try to pair it with a neutral shade in the background or use red only as an accent colour in the areas you want to highlight.

  1. Orange Colour

Orange is a perfect combination of the physical red shade and the emotional yellow. If you are looking for a shade that perfectly symbolises happiness and determination, you may go for this shade. Well, we have seen many corporations still going for white and neutral shades. While such shades are common and excellent, they can even make the overall environment boring and dull. You may choose to incorporate shades like orange to create a social atmosphere that is more counter-productive. Think of how painting one wall orange or adding a splash of orange can amp up the whole environment and enhance an otherwise boring room. Increase the energy flow in your office by choosing orange and stimulating both the mind and the body.

  1. Turquoise Colour
blue colour office interior

Turquoise in light to medium tones is an excellent choice for the training rooms. Well, it will not only help calm the nerves of the trainees but also help create an excellent environment for teaching purposes. The best thing about the shade is that it is not the usual shade of blue. So you will not be repeating the colours or using the same old patterns for interiors in the workplace. Get in touch with the designers and scout the best office interior design to ensure it fits well with your workplace design.

Colour Combinations

If you are getting your place designed for the first time, you should note that colours never exist in isolation. It is a common practice that colours are usually surrounded by other colours or used in combinations and mixes of different shades. Keep in mind that there are no wrong or right colours. It all depends on how you use them and which colour gets highlighted the most. The relationship between the colours is what you need to identify before getting it painted all over. The intensity of the shade is another factor that may impact the simulation and effect of the colour. Get in touch with the best interior designers in India to select the right palette and create the right ambience at your workplace.
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8 Jun

Lighting Design Trends: What’s New and Exciting in Office Interior Designs 

Workspaces are hotspots to turn your visions into a magical reality. While you may not have noticed this, effective lighting can have a significant impact on individual performance in the workplace. Lighting is one of the crucial elements of interior design that you cannot forego. Lighting will not only impact mood levels and create an effective working environment, but it will also ensure the workers are working comfortably without straining their eyes. Sustainable interior design and innovative technologies have greatly contributed to the evolution of lighting trends. It has become much more than evident functionality and complements the aesthetic quality of the space. Let us take a look at some of the key interior trends to get a better understanding of them.

  1. Be Open to Natural Lighting

While you can have multiple artificial light sources, nothing beats the effectiveness of natural lighting. Access to natural lighting plays a pivotal role and can contribute to employee wellness. Make sure that the employees are exposed to natural lighting and are satisfied with it. The lack of lighting or poor artificial lighting can hamper productivity levels and keep employees distracted. 

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Allow them to stay focused and use the right light sources to prevent them from impacting their performance in the office. Emphasis on a good sunlight source can make a huge difference. Make sure to have large windows, or you may have skylights and transom windows if there are any other constraints.

  1. Biophilic Design Approach

Biophilic design has undoubtedly become one of the biggest office trends over the past few years. Firstly, it focuses on incorporating elements of nature, which help create a more calm and soothing work environment. Secondly, it connects the employees and brings them closer to nature. Biophilic-designed buildings also focus on incorporating elements such as natural ventilation and natural landscape features in order to build a more ideal and healthier work environment. 

Consider incorporating natural elements such as wood accents, plants, and more according to the need. While adding plants and greenery is an excellent option, you should not overdo it or fill the entire workspace with planters. Keep them limited or in accordance with the other design elements. The main aim should be to maintain neatness in your design, which can be done by maintaining a balance between all the elements.

  1. Usage of Mood Lighting Elements

Gone are the days when the lighting was restricted to fluorescent or sterile-based lighting. These days, businesses have started to shift their focus on employee well-being and change the concept of traditional interiors. Lighting is one such critical part that demands extra attention. Businesses have started focusing on incorporating mood lighting elements into their workspaces to create a pleasing and ideal work environment. One can go for LED lights with different colour temperatures, enabling the employees to choose the colour according to their mood, or have switches that allow them to adjust the brightness levels. 

You will not believe how these RGB colour-changing lights are becoming extra popular amongst universities and offices, as they make it easier to change the lighting as per the mood and atmosphere. However, you should consider having this approach in a designated space and not the entire office. While it can be easier to change the colour of the lighting according to concentration and relaxation modes, it can also be heavy on the eyes and distracting for other employees.

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  1. Human Centric Lighting

As the name suggests, human-centric lighting focuses entirely on adjusting and designing lighting according to the needs of the employees. This may include the time or the workouts, the working patterns of the employees, natural sources, and other elements that help them stay productive. Make sure the lighting is ideal and helps them stay productive throughout the day. You may even consider having adjustable lighting per day or evening schedule. While brighter lighting may be ideal for the daytime, it will be preferable to have softer and dimmer lights in the evening. Make sure to follow this approach while designing your lighting scheme and modern interior design.

Other key elements of lighting included directions and functionalities. Note that lighting in any room can be used in two different ways or directions. Firstly, it may be used to highlight specific space elements, or the second way could be by highlighting or illuminating the entire room. Make sure to have the right amount of directional lighting to keep up with the mood levels of the employees and enhance their productivity levels.

Along with the directions, make sure to have functional lighting pieces. You may use a different approach for different areas, such as conference halls, cabins, reception, and sitting areas of the canteen. Keep in mind that the employee will be utilising different areas with different approaches in mind. Therefore, it makes sense to change the approach according to the location or designated space in the workspace. Have a thorough discussion with the best interior designers to understand the approach they will take, and take your time in selecting the best. Compare the past work and reviews to further make an informed decision.

  1. Sustainable Lighting

There has been a high shift in consumer preferences, and customers are highly preferring sustainable interiors over traditional ones. Sustainable lighting refers to lighting elements that are environmentally conscious and focus on utilising more energy-efficient technologies. 

Consider using LED lighting or solar-powered lights, which help reduce energy consumption without making any compromises with the overlay lighting’s quality or performance. Focus on incorporating more retrofit lighting, which refers to the seamless process of upgrading or replacing lighting systems with the aim of improving energy efficiency. This will not only save money and cut costs but will also be effective for the environment. These light sources use fewer materials, reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Follow the principle of sustainability in your modern interior design for the best results.

  1. Pendant Lighting and Minimalism

Another key trend that is making the rounds is the use of pendant lighting. Many people believe that it is ideal for homes, while it can be an excellent addition to your office spaces. The stunning pendant lights will not only add to the look but will also boost creativity in the workspace. They are available in a range of styles and finishes, allowing you to change and set the tone of the space accordingly. You can choose between metallic or glass pendants, but the latter will be more delicate. Along with this, you must focus on the approach of minimalism. Avoid adding too many light sources and follow the approach of what’s necessary. Add elements that enhance the lighting effects in your workplace and avoid going overboard with your lighting.

  1. Lighting Could be the Ultimate Fix

With lighting having a significant impact on mood levels, one should be mindful before making any decision. An office with an unmatched lighting design can even match its aesthetic value and add to its outer worth. If you add stellar lighting elements, it will become more appealing and will be beneficial for the employees as well as clients. The bottom line is that you should always have a human-centric approach while designing your lighting and focus on creating functional/accessible places that are welcoming and enhance creativity. Lighting could be the ultimate fix for your modern office interior design. These are some of the latest trends that are making their way into office design. Make sure to have a brief look and incorporate trends that are ideal for your industry and space.

Discover the latest lighting design trends that are transforming office interiors! These exciting possibilities allow you to create dynamic, functional, and visually stunning workspaces. From harnessing the benefits of biophilic lighting to connecting with nature to utilising human-centric lighting for optimal well-being and implementing smart lighting systems for energy efficiency, you can maximise productivity by optimising task lighting and highlighting architectural features. Explore the endless possibilities and elevate your workspace!

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